Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Woohoo for me. Last night I completed my purchasing of the Fugazi discography on cd at Vintage Vinyl with the purchase of their 1999 film soundtrack Instrument. I fell asleep to it last night and so consequently onlu heard the first couple of tracks. But it sounds like some of their most experimental stuff, with some beautiful dissonant chords thrown in for good measure, like always. This band has meant so much to me throughout my years of high school and Ian Mackaye has always been my model as far as musicians go. The band stood for integrity, hard work, and a DIY style that made them one of the few bands that are in it literally for the sole purpose of making great music for a respectable fan base. A long time ago I decided I would buy everything they have released to disc, and I finally picked up their most obscure one to complete the goal. If you haven't spent time exploring the work of Ian and Guy in Fugazi, you simply must. But take time research these musicians as people also, for they have profound things to say about this life.

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