Thursday, June 3, 2010

Favorite Records Club: Exile On Main Street, Reissue

I am very pleased by the music community's callback to the best Stones' album, Exile On Main Street, throughout the course of the past year. Just as Fela Kuti has been the "classic" hype this year, and as Frank Zappa is certainly due to be, Exile has been under music magazine, blog, and coverband coverage throughout the past year. Phish covered them at Festival 8 and now have an epic 3-D of the footage in theaters near you. KDHX played an entire program of Exile covers that Tim and I listened to. Rolling Stone did a feature cover story. And what!?? Now it has recently been reissued with a 30min live documentary and bonus disc of retakes, demos, and new songs (including the fantastic cuts: "Plundered My Soul", and "Pass the Wine"). I don't find myself to be particularly informative telling you about an album that is widely said to be one of the best ever. However may this post be a godsend to those kept in the dark on this record, and a necessary reminder to the Stones fan who has put Exile into exile for awhile. Happy listening!

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