Friday, June 25, 2010

Goodbye for awhile!

Some pals and I are out West for two weeks to backpack Colorado, the tetons, and Yellowstone. I apologize for the many days of 0 activity from this site but I can assure you I'll write of the music that inspires these two weeks traveling when I return. See ya friends!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Woohoo for me. Last night I completed my purchasing of the Fugazi discography on cd at Vintage Vinyl with the purchase of their 1999 film soundtrack Instrument. I fell asleep to it last night and so consequently onlu heard the first couple of tracks. But it sounds like some of their most experimental stuff, with some beautiful dissonant chords thrown in for good measure, like always. This band has meant so much to me throughout my years of high school and Ian Mackaye has always been my model as far as musicians go. The band stood for integrity, hard work, and a DIY style that made them one of the few bands that are in it literally for the sole purpose of making great music for a respectable fan base. A long time ago I decided I would buy everything they have released to disc, and I finally picked up their most obscure one to complete the goal. If you haven't spent time exploring the work of Ian and Guy in Fugazi, you simply must. But take time research these musicians as people also, for they have profound things to say about this life.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Vieux Farka Toure Live in Concert

Early on in the springtime, I believe it was Record Store Day, some friends and I went to the NOMO/Vieux Farka Toure concert amongst a small crowd at the Billiken Club. It was a magical experience with communal dancing, singing, and smiling. I just remember feeling so uplifted by the simple happiness displayed by the gang onstage. Anywho, I discovered a full live offering
from Vieux Farka with the south-african indie psychadelic group BLK JKS. The show took place at the Festival Rio Loco on June 18 (a couple a days ago) and it captures to some degree the experience that my friends and I absorbed. We rave about this show a lot and so this is my way of sharing the experience with friends who so loathe me for the amount of times I reference to it.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

John Prine's Self-Titled

So I've finally kicked off into the almighty discography of John Prine. My friend Tom has been playing Angel From Montgomery at recent campfires, so I figured it was about time I got into some Prine myself. This self-titled 1971 release consists of track after track of coverable acoustic tunes. For fans of the Felice Brothers and other alt-country musicians, Prine was one of the earliest legends in this sub genre. Be sure to check out "Hello In There" even if you dont get the whole album. I'll pick up some these tunes before my coming westward traveling.

PASSWORD: matt-o-rach

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Caribou @ Firebird 6/7/2010

Caribou came to the Lou last night (@ the Firebird) with Toro y Moi as the opener. It was a pretty fun show in the "chillwave" style that seems to be sweeping over this year's indie scene. Check out for further information and music for this loaded genre name. Anywho, the show was nearly sold-out by showtime and people came ready to dance (much to the criticism of that one guy stage right who kept ordering people to move it or lose it at the end of each song (what an ass)). Both bands seemed to be composed of good people which created an easy-going atmosphere. My favorite moments occured during Caribou's set when they played their earlier "melody day" style tunes. The second half of their set had a bit too much of a rave feel with plasting monotone beats and the exchange of guitar for synth by the main man. The drummer for Caribou was the real show-stopper of the evening with songs that consisted of extended drum solos and a mastery of the chaos pad. The crowd, psychadelic visual backgrounds, and band personalities made it a very interesting evening.
photo snagged by jason stoff (thanks dude!)

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Poetry For The Beat Generation

So, on a whim, I began to read Kerouac's The Dharma Bums for the third time at work today, out of the mindless boredom I faced without needy customers. Kerouac always gets me thinking in a certain, special way with his energetic descriptions and friendly witticisms. It had been awhile and his words excited me to the point where I found myself browsing around for other Kerouac artifacts online. And so to be brief, I stumpled upon this late 50's recording of Kerouac reciting his poetry over the piano accompaniment from Steve Allen. Although Kerouac sounds rather monotone and gives no effort in playing off the notes that Allen puts forth, his words carry themselves and the listen is certainly well worth the time. Enjoy!

(fyi: you will need to use the free softwares WinRAR or Winzip to open these files once they download)

Friday, June 4, 2010

The Black Keys: Brothers

Welp, the new Black Keys album is fantastic and I am feeling supreme regret for not purchasing tickets for their sold-out show at The Pageant this summer. Brothers is surely their best-produced album yet and I think it flows a lot smoother than 2008's Attack & Release. "Black Mudd" and "The Only One" are certainly tracks to check out whether you decide to expend currency on the album or not. If you have seen the Black Keys before, let me know in the comments how they pull off these power-blues tunes with only two band members. Have a good Friday folks.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

What not to expect...

I'm not going to write about Sleigh Bells on here. I dont really like them. There exist very few situations where their guitar-heavy dance crunch songs would come in handy. I am going to take them off my iPod and pay them no further attention. Carry on.

Mixtapes: Zen Running Order

Most of the blogging I do concludes in a list of 5 or so stellar mp3s each day from around the web. Near the end of each week, my favorites are compiled into an eclectic mixtape that I post on this website, for your viewing. ZeRO is a fantastic community of people who love mixtapes, and they are very easy to become a part of. I recommend you signup, and once you do, my username is Rococo Rambler, so check out my afrobeat, soul, roots, and summer mixtapes when you get the chance.

Favorite Records Club: Exile On Main Street, Reissue

I am very pleased by the music community's callback to the best Stones' album, Exile On Main Street, throughout the course of the past year. Just as Fela Kuti has been the "classic" hype this year, and as Frank Zappa is certainly due to be, Exile has been under music magazine, blog, and coverband coverage throughout the past year. Phish covered them at Festival 8 and now have an epic 3-D of the footage in theaters near you. KDHX played an entire program of Exile covers that Tim and I listened to. Rolling Stone did a feature cover story. And what!?? Now it has recently been reissued with a 30min live documentary and bonus disc of retakes, demos, and new songs (including the fantastic cuts: "Plundered My Soul", and "Pass the Wine"). I don't find myself to be particularly informative telling you about an album that is widely said to be one of the best ever. However may this post be a godsend to those kept in the dark on this record, and a necessary reminder to the Stones fan who has put Exile into exile for awhile. Happy listening!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A New Blog For this Summer

Ok-do-k. So since my old blog had no viewers and had not been updated more than 5 times since last year, I have decided to use the same theme and kick off a new one. I hope to stay committed this time and hopefully this will be a means of staying in connection with my music pals as we head off to college in the fall. Feel free to leave comments, ridicule me, link me to your best discoveries, etc. as Team Zissou Stl is born again! Thanks!