Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Caribou @ Firebird 6/7/2010

Caribou came to the Lou last night (@ the Firebird) with Toro y Moi as the opener. It was a pretty fun show in the "chillwave" style that seems to be sweeping over this year's indie scene. Check out http://gorillavsbear.blogspot.com/ for further information and music for this loaded genre name. Anywho, the show was nearly sold-out by showtime and people came ready to dance (much to the criticism of that one guy stage right who kept ordering people to move it or lose it at the end of each song (what an ass)). Both bands seemed to be composed of good people which created an easy-going atmosphere. My favorite moments occured during Caribou's set when they played their earlier "melody day" style tunes. The second half of their set had a bit too much of a rave feel with plasting monotone beats and the exchange of guitar for synth by the main man. The drummer for Caribou was the real show-stopper of the evening with songs that consisted of extended drum solos and a mastery of the chaos pad. The crowd, psychadelic visual backgrounds, and band personalities made it a very interesting evening.
photo snagged by jason stoff (thanks dude!)

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